SEOs Stay on Top

Search history, however, has become one of the major ways that Google has been able to customize search of the surfers and users of web pages. New designs have come up such as the Google caffeine that has enabled users to find information links as soon as they are posted on sites, this system of indexing has made results appear quicker than ever before.

However, change needed to be done for the results to be more relevant, this led to the development of the Google instant sites social media was growing in popularity, sites and pages had to make the necessary changes to their algorithm to ensure that they were ranked higher in the search results. It is unlawful to copy content from other websites to leverage on the high rankings of such websites, and Google has formulated fits by-laws to punish those sites whose contents are not unique.

How SEOs stay on top of shifts in Google criteria and algorithms

SEOs are responsible for the ranking a website has according to Google; they keep up with changes in the Google criteria algorithms. Changes can have positive or adverse effects on the company, inconsistencies in a website can result in being pushed back in the ranking, and these differences may include overcrowded keywords as compared to space on the site. It is important to keep abreast with the changes in the Google to perform better when ranked. Any changes that have been made in the Google are important in determining the ranking of the website. There are ways in which one can change with the shift in the Google changes in process and practices, with the growth of popularity in the social media, SEOs can keep updated and get references to ensure that they are always informed about the criteria that are
Google Penguin is the name of the algorithm, the update of the algorithm is used to decrease the ranking of the search engines that go against the Google’s webmaster guidelines.

The technique has the power to artificially manipulate the ranking of a website by increasing or decreasing the number of links what point into a given site. It is important to keep pace with the penguin updates as announced by the Google so that the ranking would be intact.

Penguin affects a significant number of search engines, and it has affected, most of the websites and search engines using English, German, and Chinese, the Penguin is meant to punish those websites that use safe methods to increase their ranking. Some of the of the websites lost search altogether, and this is because they violated the webmaster guidelines.

The page layout algorithm released was meant to target most sites with ads that do not meet the requirements as per the threshold placed. The algorithms, panda, and penguin are used to allow the site that is of higher quality a chance to appear at the top of the ranking. It would have an impact of putting more top those websites that have. Changes to the criteria and web hosting by Google can have a detrimental effect on the performance and the ranking of the site. A good understanding of the process they use in ranking and determining the availability of the website will not only be critical for increasing the availability of the web among the searches but also, it will serve an important function of increasing the uptime of the site. Google keeps updating the algorithm to favor those webs that follow their webmaster’s rules and regulations. If the website remains updated with most of the information from Google, it is likely to rank better.